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Use V45.09 CK-100 Programmer to Make New Car Keys


V45.09 CK100 Key Programmer is a new generation Car Key programmer, it is the upgrade version of the SBB Key Programmer, new CK100 will replace sbb Key Immobilizer. Increase much more features and functions, it is an powerful, functional and Excellent Quality Car Key programmer.

However, some customers are confused about how to use CK-100 Device to make new car keys. Following is a simple instruction for reference ( it is suitable for all version ck100 key programmer) :

1. Prepare two keys, one key can start the engine, another key can not (blank key) and connected cable to the device.

2. Connect CK100 auto key programmer device into the OBD socket.

3. Turn on CK 100 pin code device.

4. Select car model according to CK100 device’s prompt.

5. Insert a key and turn the console.

6. Turn ignition on then removed the key.

7. Allowed to add a blank new key while left ignition off.

8. Waiting for 45 seconds (max 60 seconds) until the safety access procedure was completed.

9. Blank key has been stored. Try the second key and the engine can be started by the end.

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