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(Solved) Mercedes C180 W202 key EIS problem question


Problem with a car:
A customer towned to my shop a Mercedes' C180 W202 year 1997 with no working keys.
The key itself won't turn in EIS and wont unlock the ESL .Also remote part not work.
I suspect a key failure.What do you think?
I've checked the IR part of big Motorola key with MBkeyprog2 and seems ok.
I've read the EIS and ESL eproms with MBKeyprog2 Lite trought k-line.Saved the file.
I've succesfully unlock the ESL.
I've desoldered the 68HC705E6 from big key.
The Motorola chip is labeled MA576880011.
I've tried to read the Motorola key'chip with UPA but gave me an error "device not responding".
I've tried reading with type15 adapter the one with oscillator and caps.
I've also tried to read with direct connection but no luck.
Have you a good working schema for connecting the Motorola chip or is the chip faulty?
After loading the k-line' EIS dump in SKC Calculator, I’ve tried to generate some keys.
The dump load without problems and the SKC do the calculation generating the key files. Seem all ok.
Only first key is with red dot in SKC window.
In this forum i've read that to generate working key , complete dump from Motorola mcu 1 or 2 ( desoldered from EIS) must be used.
Can you give me some advice?
Another question. I’ve some old W211 and Sprinter key with NEC chip inside and some Chinese MB keys (new unused).
Can I write this keys with the file generated from SKC and obtain a working key?
I've attached a EIS ESL files and the key' files from SKC calculator.
Can you take a look please?
Thank you so much for your valuable help. Excuse me but is my first attempt to do a Mercedes key.
I've MBkeyprog2 lite, Abritus with MB key function, UPA, R270 and X-prog clone.

Finally solved:
Just to close the thread with something useful.
I've found a working dump of the two Eis ' Motorola mcu.
I've generated the keys with SKC Calculator and Online service (just to compare the results) in .51 format.
I wrote the dump with mbkeyprog2 onto a NEC key (taken from a W211 car)
Reordered back the mcu, resetted the esl and engine ecu.
At the first there was a Low can error on EIS and the engine ecu didn't match the esl and eis.
Resoldered the mcu and performed the adaption resolve the issue.
All ok.Car start, all work (remote,esl).


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