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Program Citroen key fob with Lexia 3 Diagbox V7.57


Diagnostic tool needs:
Lexia 3 V48 with Diagbox V7.57 diagnostic tool

Computer requirement:
A laptop running Windows XP home

Main procedure:
I Key programming procedure
II Synchronization of HF PLIP remote controls

The vehicle keys are allocated to a single BSI. Vehicle keys are located to the new and old key and than have them installed on a situation. Initializing a new key will require all the keys to be initialized.

I Key programming procedure

1) Register the keys
2) Initializing a new key procedure
1. After well installed and activate the Lexia 3 Diagbox V7.57 software, come to the main program
How to install Diagbox V7.57 for Lexia-3 PP2000 Citroen and Peugeot
2. Select "DIAGNOSIS" function in the main menu
3. Select vehicle model in Vehicle Selection menu
4. Select "GLOBAL TEST"
5. Select "BSI ECU"
Follow the instructions given in the OBD diagnostic tool Daigbox software.

The "PARAMETER MEASURES" menu can be used to check the number of keys initialized. The number of keys initialized indicates the total number of vehicle keys. The number of HF PLIPS initialized indicates the number of HF keys initialized.

II Synchronization of HF PLIP remote controls

When replacing the batteries of an HF PLIP remote control, it is necessary to resynchronize the remote control.

1) Put the HF key to be synchronized in position "ignition +"
2) Press one of the HF key buttons within the next 10 seconds
3) Release the HF key button
4) The ignition key HF PLIP is synchronized.
5) Repeat and perform previous operations for the other keys equipped with HF remote control.
6) Perform a locking / unlocking test of the vehicle doors and tailgate. If the locking / unlocking test of the doors and tailgate fails, restart the synchronizations of all the ignition keys equipped with HF PLIPS.


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