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How to activation OPEL with OP COM


This guide has been tested work on Zafira B and Astra H using 2010V OP-COM. This will not work on 2 line display vehicle. The vehicle must have 3 line display or more.
1.Switch the ignition on;
2.Plug Opcom into OBDII port and run its software;
3. Go to the computer and click DIAGNOSTICS;
4. Choose vehicle year;
5. Choose vehicle model;
7. Click line that says DIS (INFO DISPLAY TID BID CID)
8. In a box on left it will say at top ECU INITED. About 6th line down it will say SYSTEM DESCRIPTION (something like BORG 0400). Make a note of this as you may need it later in procedure. If a table shows up with a list of SYSTEMS, click the one that matches yours.
9. Click “PROGRAMING”;
11. In a box on left it will show AVAILABLE INDEX with a list of codes for eg;
12.Click on the 2nd number down and in a box on the right it will show some info, it should say somewhere in that info “with board computer. If so click START PROGRAMMING. It should then start to program.
13. Repeat this but only on the 4th, 6th and 8th numbers each in turn so that click on 2nd number down then program. Click on 4th number down then program, click on 6th number down then program, and click on8th number down then program.
After this if all has gone well you should now have all the functions working to navigate through different functions use up and down scroll button on left side of steering wheel to reset the counters push and hold the same button in for a few seconds.


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