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Honda Odyssey Engine Water Pump Damage


There is a 2.4L Honda Odyssey 2008 which has run 98,000 km and equips with K24A6 engine. The engine is overheating, and then it cannot accelerate powerfully.

Trouble diagnosis:

1)      First check that the channel of coolant system, no leaks. Also, the coolant liquid is in the limit range.

2)      Use Honda HDS Scanner to read the engine trouble code. It shows that the engine can work.

3)      When the engine is overheating, the coolant fan has not been at the high speed. It means that something wrong with fan control system or coolant system.

4)      Use HDS diagnostic tool to read the sensor 1 of engine coolant liquid. The temperature is more than 96.5 ?, but the temperature of sensor 2 is just 85 ?. That shows readings have a great difference between two temperature sensors. There is something wrong with cooling circulation system.

5)      Loosen the equipped bolt of water pump pulley. And take out the water pump pulley. Revolve it in an anticlockwise direction. I find that it is hard to revolve. The trouble is located in the pump.

6)      Discharge the engine coolant liquid. Take out the pump. I find that the pump has corrosions.

7)      Replace the thermostat when changing the pump. Add Honda dedicated anti-freeze fluid. Conduct emptying operation.

8)      Start the engine. Read the data streams of two sensors when the engine reaching the normal temperature. The difference of them is 2 ?. The coolant fluid can circulate normally.

9)      When the temperature reaches 105 ?, I find that the cooling fan works at high speed. The trouble is dealt with.

Repairing summary:

When replacing or adding coolant fluid, should use Honda dedicated coolant fluid. It can prevent the coolant system from premature damage.


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