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Honda Fengfan EGR Trouble-HDS help fix


Car information: 2009 Honda Fengfan 1. 8L, 114 thousands kilometers.
Car trouble : EGR warning light on

Diagnose trouble:
1) Firstly, I use Honda HDS to read out Engine trouble code, the DTC is P2413: EGR system trouble.
2) Use HDS to clear the DTC
3) Start up the engine, keep the engine speed as 3000r/min until the radiator fan to run, then make at idle, again read out trouble code, it still display EGR system trouble.
4) Check the circuit connection between the EGR valve and PCM, there is no loose.
5) Check EGR pipe and find no vacuum, remove the line connected with intake manifold, and use hand to block and find it has vacuum output, it means EGR pile is blocked, then I replace a new pipeline, the trouble is solved.

Conclusion: EGR system trouble result in engine work abnormally, then the warning light on.


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