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They are similar in many ways except language support. FVDI supports multilanguage for multiple car models; SVDI supports multilanguage for BMW vehicles, while VVDI only supports Chinese and English for BMW cars.

You do not need to activate SVDI when diagnosing VAG cars, but when you are going to use it on BMW cars, you will need to avtivate it. Please give us your serial number and then we will help you activate it. SVDI is mainly used to diagnose auto systems, program car keys, read pin code and adjust mileage.

The software of SVDI VW AUDI supports multilanguage. The software of BMW Commander only supports English, so as Tag Key Tool.

If you want to update your FVDI, please delivery its main unit to us and we will upgrade it for you. You can upgrad SVDI and VVDI yourself. Please give us your serial number, and we will send you the updating package.

VVDI is the most popular one on our website, while SVDI is less sold, but its quality is solid.

SVDI also supports multilanguage for BMW cars (in addition to VAG vehicles). It can also work on trucks.

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