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DIY Easy Coding Hidden Function in iDrive


I have an 07 328i and I like the automatic wipers by pushing in the switch on the right steering wheel shaft thing. I also like putting the car in DS by pushing the auto shifter to the left, and if you push it over to the left twice puts it in manual mode, only good for upshifting since it will automatically downshift.  BUT I can not find some cool hidden function in iDrive.

I got the iDrive software update but still missing these functions. I googled and got a kit to make all these done.


BMW Easy coding

1) Locate your BMW OBD port

2) Connect the easy coding cable into the OBD socket

3) Install easy coding software

4) Enter the main function and follow the screen notice

What have been achieved:

What I have found was that it is actually a diagnostic kit, can project basic DTCs, displaying live data etc as other diagnostics systems. It helped realized all i mentioned above.


disable reversing camera warning window

set lock alarm sound volume freely

clean head lamps

disable DTLs

disable iDrive disclaimer

change km to mile

some Bluetooth setting (ringtone etc)
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Still working on the kit, more functions will be detected, LOL


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