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Disable TPMS with Porsche Piwis Cable Steps


The following part displays the step-by-step guide of disabling TPMS with a Porsche Piwis cable on a 2008 Porsche Boxster S 987.

Tool needed:

1. Porsche Piwis cable (cheap €30- on aftermarket, like €21.00 in Eobd2)

2. Screw driver

3. 11mm socket

4. A laptop/computer running win xp home

NOTE: This Piwis cable fits most of Porsche Models from year 1990 to 2007. But this cable does not support newer Porsche models.

Step 1: Disconnect the TPMS control unit

1)Disconnect the TPMS control unit locate to the right of the brake booster. Open front trunk and dislodge the weather stripping that seals the front trunk. Remove the entire seal loop from the trunk. (See the picture below)


2)Remove the plastic cover that protect your DVD/brake booster. Remove following 7 screws circled in red picture below with a screw driver. Then remove the light and plastic carpet hold marked red arrow.

Piwis cable2

3) You can see the TPMS control unit white box marked red in picture below which located next to the brake booster. Use the 11mm socket to remove the plastic nut market red arrow.

Piwis cable3

4) The connector has a swing arm connection. You simply need to first press down on the small catch tab (red circle), then lift the pink swing arm (see insert).

Piwis cable4

Step 2: Recoding with Porsche Piwis cable

1)Turn the vehicle ignition switch to ON position

2 )Turn on hazard signal

3)Plug the Porsche Piwis cable into the OBD port

4)Connect the cable with computer/laptop via USB port

5 )Install and run software

6)Select “Instrument cluster”>> “Coding”>> “Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Not Installed” and “Normal pressure display (TPM) Not Active” in the software Function list.

Don’t forget to back up files when you do some changes.

Piwis cable5

7) Select “Commands”>> “Reset”>> “Send” to reset the instrument cluster node

Piwis cable6

8) Select “Gateway”>> “Coding”>> “Tire pressure monitor Not installed”

Piwis cable7

Exit the software program is the process is complete. Otherwise, continue to realize other functions.


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