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How to use iphone or ipad touch with ELM327

Because of the limitations in the IOS Bluetooth stack, please carefully check what you buy is equipped with WIFI version rather than the Bluetooth one, unless you have jailbroken your phone and know what you are doing. WIFI ELM327 can be ordered from, only need to pay €11.00 (free shipping). Here list detailed steps on how to use an iphone or ipad touch with ELM327...



Whether it is true Toyota Techstream on VAG K+CAN Commander 1.4 or VAG KKL 409.1?

Unexpectedly, I find this post in mhhauto forum, on 09-19-2014 one poster said he found this on the Russian forum, looks good therefore share with others, he wrote down the whole procedure of Toyota Techstream on VAG K+CAN Commander 1.4 or VAG KKL 409.1, share Techstream V9.10.037 and V9.30.029 software download link, as well as Vag k+can commander info.pdf. On 12-06-2014, he...


Best tool read data from EDC17: DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader

Problem (Quote from one I tried to read in boot mode the ECU EDC17 C41 – TC1797 from bmw 116 F20 bosch nr. 0281030980 with FGTech Galletto 2 EU (i buy from and when click in “ECU Data” button appear this info from ecu : “Infineon Tricore TC1797 CPU-ID=0000910100001820 Internal Flash ID = 0053C001 Internal Flash 4096Kb...


JLR Mangoose SDD V139 download and video tutorial

News!!! On 12-12-2014, engineer tests JLR Mangoose SDD V139 works well. SDD V139 DVD and software download: SDD V139 comes with 3 DVD’s, the CD’s is 99% Executables (.EXE) but the patch was a .RAR file, so just to be ready you should go to and download that just to be ready. While you’re at it, go ahead and get ...



Steps to activate 2014.02V Autocom/Delphi CDP Pro(Plus)

1) After succeeded install Delphi TcsCDP Pro software, the system will ask for software activation.

2)Enter Serial Number 100251 and press to get Hardware Key. Select Delphi name in the activator. Paste SN and Hardware key to check software version information. Delphi now upgraded to the latest 2014.02V. Then click right arrow icon

3) Click right arrow to...


Bleed Brake Master Cylinder with Intelligent Tester IT2

When the brake fluid level drops too low in the master cylinder reservoir, air bubbles can get caught in the lines, reducing the overall strength of the brake fluid column. Getting the air out of the brake fluid column will restore the full strength of the hydraulic brakes. To avoid getting air into the actuator of ABS, EBD, BA, or other sophisticated brake systems, the only way...



They are similar in many ways except language support. FVDI supports multilanguage for multiple car models; SVDI supports multilanguage for BMW vehicles, while VVDI only supports Chinese and English for BMW cars.

You do not need to activate SVDI when diagnosing VAG cars, but when you are going to use it on BMW cars, you will need to avtivate it. Please give us your serial...


Disable TPMS with Porsche Piwis Cable Steps

The following part displays the step-by-step guide of disabling TPMS with a Porsche Piwis cable on a 2008 Porsche Boxster S 987.

Tool needed:

1. Porsche Piwis cable (cheap €30- on aftermarket, like €21.00 in Eobd2)

2. Screw driver

3. 11mm socket

4. A laptop/computer running win xp home

NOTE: This Piwis cable fits most of Porsche Models from year 1990 to ...