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Program 2002 SAAB 9-3 key with GM Tech2

As a locksmith, some of my friends often come to me to borrow my car key programmer and program their own key to save money. The other day, a friend borrowed my GM Tech2 scan tool to replace a 2002 SAAB key as his was broken, but do not know how to use it. So I have made a quick guide for him. Hope this may also help anyone who needs it. Before the DIY, please note that this...



V139 JLR Mangoose SDD Set Up Steps

Here EOBD2 detailed write up on installing V139 JLR Mangoose SDD Pro. 1) Open my computer, click ” SDD_DVD139_FULL (E: ) ” 2) Copy and paste “MongoosePro drivers” and “PATCH” to the desktop. 3) Open “MongoosePro drivers” file and install drivers for MongoosePro_JLR. 4) Click “Next”, select “I accept” and then click “Next”. 5) Click...


Free download SKP900 update tool & activation tool

One of the SKP900 key programmer user failed to get the SKP900 upgraded and add free tokens online users. The system kept warning get the wrong register name and password. EOBD2 here offers the solution: For update: 1) Download the update tool (V2.4) to you laptop. For other version update tool, please contact eobd2 customer service. Update tool download ...


Suite Piasini V4.3 master version set up guide

Suite Piasini engineering master version has been updated to the latest 4.3 version for a while. Several customers have got the tool but cannot figure out how to install it. Here EOBD2 would like to make a quick guide on Suite Piasini 4.3 set up. Step 1: Find the CD that comes with the Serial suite Piasini (Master version) and insert it into a Windows XP laptop. Step 2:...



Toyota 2004 key stolen, can I use a used key from other car?

My friend has Toyota 2004 with smart key, 1 key was stolen but still has 1 smart key working, he want to replace stolen key, I have a used key and reads same chip in zed bull, but I have no experience with this system so don’t want to make working key stop. Key is ID67. the key is like this picture, it is not normal key. Can you tell me what I need to do and what equipment...


How to solve BMW ICOM A2+B+C Fail to work with System ISTA

Recently, I heard someone reflect that the mouse cannot run when installing ISTA, therefore, I list 4 possible problem which might cause the problem: 1. The data of computer is not match with the real data. For example, if your computer date is 2014.06.29, but today is 2014.07.05. In this case, you have to set your computer date the same as the real date.

2. It got...


Honda Fengfan EGR Trouble-HDS help fix

Car information: 2009 Honda Fengfan 1. 8L, 114 thousands kilometers. Car trouble : EGR warning light on

Diagnose trouble: 1) Firstly, I use Honda HDS to read out Engine trouble code, the DTC is P2413: EGR system trouble. 2) Use HDS to clear the DTC 3) Start up the engine, keep the engine speed as 3000r/min until the radiator fan to run, then make at idle, again read out ...


DIY Easy Coding Hidden Function in iDrive

I have an 07 328i and I like the automatic wipers by pushing in the switch on the right steering wheel shaft thing. I also like putting the car in DS by pushing the auto shifter to the left, and if you push it over to the left twice puts it in manual mode, only good for upshifting since it will automatically downshift.  BUT I can not find some cool hidden function in iDrive.



Use V45.09 CK-100 Programmer to Make New Car Keys

V45.09 CK100 Key Programmer is a new generation Car Key programmer, it is the upgrade version of the SBB Key Programmer, new CK100 will replace sbb Key Immobilizer. Increase much more features and functions, it is an powerful, functional and Excellent Quality Car Key programmer. However, some customers are confused about how to use CK-100 Device to make new car keys....


Honda Odyssey Engine Water Pump Damage

There is a 2.4L Honda Odyssey 2008 which has run 98,000 km and equips with K24A6 engine. The engine is overheating, and then it cannot accelerate powerfully.

Trouble diagnosis:

1)      First check that the channel of coolant system, no leaks. Also, the coolant liquid is in the limit range.

2)      Use Honda HDS Scanner to read the engine trouble code. It shows that ...