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(Solved) Mercedes C180 W202 key EIS problem question

Problem with a car: A customer towned to my shop a Mercedes' C180 W202 year 1997 with no working keys. The key itself won't turn in EIS and wont unlock the ESL .Also remote part not work. I suspect a key failure.What do you think? I've checked the IR part of big Motorola key with MBkeyprog2 and seems ok. I've read the EIS and ESL eproms with MBKeyprog2 Lite trought ...



How to repair BSI from PSA group


have a Peugeot 206 1.6 16v borsch me7.4.5... Car has BSI siemens 9646777380. I writed eprom 95160 and ful FFFFF, then i go to BSI, conf calcs present, VIN, and then go to key learning... i put pin and pp2000 says. BSI is virgine, please make a learning of BSI. But i already configured BSI adapters... also go back. BSI Replacement... Telecod.. Learning keys... The...


How to use VAS 5054A to do DPF regen

Here is a quick guide on regenerate DPF for VAG vehicles with VAS 5054A scanner and some frequently asked questions about this regeneration:

Supported vehicle type: 1Zxx4x (Octavia II 2.0l/103 kW)

1Zxx5x (Octavia II 1.9l/77 kW)

1Zxx9x (Octavia II 2.0l/125 kW)

3Uxx5x (Superb 2.0l/103 kW)

Fault: Recommended procedure for the detection of saturation and recovery...


EOBD2 Reliable ELM327 Wifi for iPhone from China

I have no affiliation with the suppliers of this product, just a customer!

I already own an Autel DS708 but was thinking about buying a portable code reader, an OBD-to-Phone device. I bought one of the cheap ELM327 WIFI scanners so I can do diagnosis wherever I go. For only €11.00 I was sure this would be read only. The tool arrived last week and worked better than I ...



Review on EOBD2 ELM327 WIFI for IOS device

Hi guys,

I just want to share what I did today. I ordered an OBDII ELM327 scanner off EOBD2.FR to pair with my iPhone 5 and just got it this morning. Overall I am very happy with the product. Tested it on my 07 Accord LX V6 straight away and everything went well.

I only use it with my Accord, but theoretically you can use it with any OBDII compatible vehicle. I know some...


Newest C100 OBDII/EOBD Code Reader Update to V3.7

C100 auto OBDII/EOBD scanner has newly upgraded to the latest V3.7. Here demonstrate how to update Memoscan C100 scanner to the newest version. Just download the newest V3.7 software on Eobd2 and directly install it to run an update. Download link:

Guide for using C100 auto code reader

1. Turn...


How to fit Astra H cruise control using OPCOM 2010

Last week I fitted Cruise Control to my Astra H. To do this all I did was purchase the Indicator Stalk and an OPCOM 2010 scanner. I have heard various prices of OPCOM device, but I personally paid €19.00 with delivery and was happy with that. Below is my process fitting cruise control: Install OPCOM software on your laptop Hook up OPCOM to your laptop and vehicle ...


Make Programming Easie With MPPS V16

Do you want a professional car ECU programmer? Do you want to make the programming easier and more efficient? This MPPS V16 is the best choice for you. Convenient: It is the latest ECU chip tuning tool, which completely works through obd2 port. It is a very convenient tool. When using, no need soldering or connecting cables. Also, it supports more than 30 languages for...


Program Citroen key fob with Lexia 3 Diagbox V7.57

Diagnostic tool needs: Lexia 3 V48 with Diagbox V7.57 diagnostic tool

Computer requirement: A laptop running Windows XP home

Main procedure: I Key programming procedure II Synchronization of HF PLIP remote controls

NOTE: The vehicle keys are allocated to a single BSI. Vehicle keys are located to the new and old key and than have them installed on a situation....


How to activation OPEL with OP COM

This guide has been tested work on Zafira B and Astra H using 2010V OP-COM. This will not work on 2 line display vehicle. The vehicle must have 3 line display or more. 1.Switch the ignition on; 2.Plug Opcom into OBDII port and run its software; 3. Go to the computer and click DIAGNOSTICS; 4. Choose vehicle year; 5. Choose vehicle model; 6. Click “INFOTAINMENT...